diamond ring on finger

Buying a Surprise Gift For Your Loved One

Here are some suggestions on how to find out the proper ring size of the person for whom you are purchasing a surprise gift of a ring – assuring that that this special occasion will be just right, and that the ring fits properly.

Start by finding a ring your loved one already wears – and wears currently, then take it to a jeweler for sizing, returning it without arousing suspicion. Of course, this is the best way to find the right ring size.

If he or she does not leave rings about, you could try a second approach – make an imprint of one when your loved one is not looking. Press the ring into a piece of clay, soap or other pliable substance and take that impression to the jeweler.

Alternatively, if there’s nothing soft available, carefully draw a line around the inside of the ring. Again, go to a jeweler for an accurate measurement.

Some have suggested another idea: put one of of his or her rings on your own finger, push it as far down as possible, and mark the spot with a pen. Then take your finger (along with the rest of your body) to the jeweler who can measure your mark.

For more tips to secretly find out the ring size of your partner’s fingers, you should read this article: https://beyond4cs.com/engagement-ring/how-to-determine-ring-finger-size/

For Yourself

The best approach – have your finger size measured by a professional jeweler. Here are some alternatives:

Wrap a piece of string or narrow strip of paper around the base of the finger you want to size

Mark the point where the string overlaps forming a complete circle

Measure the length of the string from the start to the point that you marked

This measurement is your appropriate ring size